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It’s Time to Jump into the Marketing Waters

b2b marketing

For anyone who has been to a cottage, getting into the water is an adventure. You’re excited about swimming in the lake. Then, you stand at the edge of dock looking at the water. You start to think that the water is cold and maybe swimming isn’t such a great idea. Finally, you jump in […]

How to Get B2B SaaS Prospects to Embrace Change

Prospects and change.

I’m a sucker for shiny, new online services. Even when I’m happy with what I’m using, it is tempting to try something else. For example, I participated in a conference call with someone using, an AI-powered platform. A friend who raved about it (and the sweet deal he purchased on AppSumo) piqued my interest. […]

Jiaqi Pan talks about AI chatbots, Landbot

Jiaqi Pan from

In this episode of Marketing Spark, I speak with Jiaqi Pan, Co-founder and CEO of Landbot, an AI-powered platform for creating conversational chatbots. We discuss the origin story of Landbot, the company’s pivot from a B2C model, strategies for B2B SaaS entrepreneurs, and the impact of AI on customer service. The conversation also dives into […]

Is the value of brand positioning over-rated?

Is brand-positioning over-rated?

Is the value of brand positioning over-rated and over-hyped? Does it make as much of a difference that marketers proclaim? Josh Lowman threw cold water on brand positioning. He declared it the “Great Positioning Scam” and that almost all positioning fails. So, what’s the problem? In Josh’s opinion (and I agree), prospects need to see […]

Why Brand is Key for B2B SaaS Success

Brand strategy b2b SaaS

Sadly, brand building isn’t a priority for most B2B SaaS companies. But it’s a missed opportunity and a strategic mistake. Instead, B2B SaaS companies are focused on non-brand-building activities up and down the sales funnel. There’s a lot of brute force being deployed to drive leads and sales. Let’s spend a bunch of money on […]

For B2B SaaS Companies, AI Doesn’t Matter


For B2B SaaS companies, AI is not a differentiator. It’s no longer what makes your product better or unique. It’s table stakes for any software company. So, what do many companies slap “AI-powered” on their homepages? Would prospects have less interest if “AI” didn’t appear, even if the product was interesting, inspiring, or exciting? Probably […]

The Power of Strategic Messaging: Billy Broas

Billy Broas

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast, I talk to Billy Broas, a leading messaging expert, about the crucial role of messaging in marketing.  We discuss why businesses often undervalue messaging and how strategic messaging can significantly impact customer engagement and conversion rates. Billy introduces his ‘Five Light Bulbs’ framework, which helps businesses develop […]

The Best Structure for a B2B Saas Homepage

Structure for a B2B SaaS homepage

What’s the best structure for a B2B SaaS homepage? Here are the key sections and why they matter: Hero section: It has a value proposition that clearly spells out what the product does, who it serves, the benefits and how it’s different or better. The hero section should also display the experience of using the […]

Why it’s Getting Tougher to Hire a Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO

Hiring a fractional CMO is tougher than ever. The problem: the number of people jumping on the FCMO bandwagon. It’s a sexy title (a heck of lot better than calling yourself a “marketing consultant). But for companies, it’s more challenging to determine the right option for a key hire. Here are some thoughts from somone […]

Yoav Vilner

headshot of Yoav Wilner CEO Yoav Vilner talks about the interactive demo software company’s rapid growth and how it raised major venture capital, including a $35 million Series B round in January