If you want to Bolster your B2B SaaS brand, generate leads and grow revenue, I can help.

You don’t want to spend your time running marketing. You just want results. I’ll handle all your marketing so you can run your business.

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If you’re a B2B SaaS company, you likely fall into a few buckets:

1. Your Marketing Is Non-Existent

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2. You’ve dabbled but never had a clear direction

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3. You’ve invested a budget without a solid return

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If any of those sound like you, and you’d like to get yourself out of that bucket, I’m your guy.

Hi, I'm Mark!

As a marketing leader, technology journalist, startup founder, and B2B SaaS marketing consultant, I have a unique skill set.

I’ve partnered as a fractional CMO and strategic advisor with 100+ companies and can deliver the insight and expertise you need.

From strategic planning to tactical execution, I’ll guide all aspects of your marketing: design internal processes, oversee workflows, build a marketing tech stack, and oversee advertising.

I started my career as a technology journalist, co-founded a startup, and worked as a marketing leader for three VC-backed companies before starting my consulting business in 2008.

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Here’s What I Can Do For You

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Fractional CMO

I can help you strategically and tactically, integrate myself into your executive team, and build a repeatable, scalable marketing engine.

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Strategic Advisory

As a marketing strategist and tactical advisor, I offer guidance, perspective and help you tackle specific projects or seize new opportunities.

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Brand Positioning

Let’s make YOU the obvious choice by telling the world what you do, why you matter, and how you’re different or better. It’s all about differentiation.

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Marketing Sprints

The best marketing starts with a great plan. The 90-Day Sprint kick-starts your marketing with a clear, focused roadmap that anyone can follow.
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Homepage Refresh

Your homepage has seconds to capture someone’s attention. Let’s make it more engaging so visitors turn into high-potential prospects and customers.

See how we have helped 100+ Founders and CEOs reinvent their marketing

“Mark is a devoted Swiss Army knife in B2B marketing and branding. Any company seeking CMO-level guidance for their marketing department without hiring a full-time CMO would benefit greatly from Mark’s hands-on expertise.”

A photo of Matt Leuschner
Matt Leuschner

CEO, Wingmate

“Mark is a thought leader, and one of the utmost experts on the startup ecosystem in Canada. I’ve seen his advisement, consultation, and mentorship bring young companies phenomenal success. I have benefited greatly from his consultation and direct advisement on my marketing efforts.”

An image of Arthur T. Corry
Arthur T. Corry

Principal, RockCorry Venture Partners

“Mark played a pivotal role as the fractional CMO for Weaver & Loom, developed our brand positioning and lead our go-to-market strategy and execution. Using his strategic insight and hands-on approach, Mark built a marketing engine that attracted and engaged the right prospects. .”

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Ali Ghassemi

CEO, Weaver & Loom

“As we put our heads down to create products for the life sciences industry, it becomes a challenge to understand what your product means to your users. Mark detached us from talking about shiny new features to the problems we solve. It made our pitch and approach to our clients resonate”

A photo of Antonia Salumbides
Antonia Salumbides

CTO, Papercurve

“As Qii looked to accelerate its growth, I hired to Mark to provide us with strategic marketing guidance. He played a key role in updating our story and messaging, as well as a refresh of our Website. His willingness to roll up his sleeves was impressive and appreciated.

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Micheal H. Cohen


“Before we began working with Mark, we were struggling with our positioning and the development of our marketing assets. Mark’s leadership helped us pull together as a team to create positioning that was different, develop new assets, and a marketing plan to get more clients.”

A photo of Teddy Katz
Teddy Katz

Founder, Think Redefined Inc


A fractional CMO is like eating your cake and having it, too. You get someone with experience without the full-time salary, perks, or options. A FCMO fills gaps and seize opportunities. They lead your team, provide strategic advice, and serve as a coach. A FCMO can also step aside when hiring a fractional CMO with different skills or a full-time CMO.

An FCMO is a part-time marketing leader. They’re like a seasoned coach who provides strategic direction, tactical oversight, and accountability. They become a key part of the leadership team and deal with multiple stakeholders.

A strategic advisor provides high-level guidance or tackles specific challenges. They’re less hands-on than a fractional CMO, deal with a few executives, and are not involved in the day-to-day operations. But they deliver valuable perspective and expertise.

I always start with brand positioning because I believe a compelling narrative underpins everything: marketing, sales, product development, hiring and raising capital. Armed with a good story, I’ll create a strategic plan focused on the right targets in the right places. Then, we’ll drive conversions and leads via highly-targeted advertising (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook), outbound campaigns, and content marketing. 

Plan the work. Work the plan. That’s strategic planning for B2B SaaS companies. Strategic planning provides a clear roadmap and helps to organize your activities, team, and resources. Without a strategic plan, you’re operating by the seat of your pants and guessing rather than knowing.

My approach is focused on generating leads, increasing sales, and building brand awareness. Clients typically see improved marketing success powered by clearer messaging that resonates with their target audience and enhanced brand awareness that drives engagement and conversion rates.

As a fractional CMO, I mostly work with SaaS companies but have experience with B2B service companies. I’ve consulted with companies in dozens of industries. Truth be told, they have similar marketing challenges and opportunities. I deploy the same methodology and processes to help them succeed.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been a techn journalist, startup co-founder, marketing leader for VC-backed companies, and a marketing consultant for over 100 companies. I’ve been there and done that, so I bring unique experience and perspective.

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