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It’s Time to Jump into the Marketing Waters

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For anyone who has been to a cottage, getting into the water is an adventure.

You’re excited about swimming in the lake. Then, you stand at the edge of dock looking at the water. You start to think that the water is cold and maybe swimming isn’t such a great idea.

Finally, you jump in and after the initial shock, you enjoy the experience.

That’s my take on how many B2B SaaS companies are approaching marketing. In theory, investing in marketing is appealing to attract and engage prospects.

They jump on calls, talk about their goals, get enthusiastic and ready to go. Then, the conversation stops. It’s radio silence.

The reality of spending money on marketing rears its head. Is the best use of resources? Will it drives results and outcomes? Are there bigger priorities? Marketing loses its appeal. It’s seen as a cost rather than an investment.

But here’s the thing: when you jump into the marketing “waters”, it can be uncomfortable and a shock to the system. It may not be warm and comfortable right away (aka instant gratification). It may take time to enjoy the experience and feel the benefits.

But it’s the right thing to do. It’s short-term pain with long-term gains. It’s about investing in a key part of your business that amplifies and supports your sales, product development, hiring and fund-raising efforts.

And, as importantly, it’s a powerful way to outflank competitors who have pulled back on marketing.

When they zig, you zag. When they’re cautious, you’re confident and ready to move forward.

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