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Jiaqi Pan talks about AI chatbots, Landbot

Jiaqi Pan from

In this episode of Marketing Spark, I speak with Jiaqi Pan, Co-founder and CEO of Landbot, an AI-powered platform for creating conversational chatbots.

We discuss the origin story of Landbot, the company’s pivot from a B2C model, strategies for B2B SaaS entrepreneurs, and the impact of AI on customer service.

The conversation also dives into brand positioning, customer acquisition, and the metrics for measuring AI-driven customer service success.

  • Introduction
  • Landbot’s Origin Story
  • The Pivot to a B2B SaaS platform
  • Advice for Entrepreneurs
  • Pricing and Value Proposition
  • The Evolution of AI Technology
  • Balancing AI and Human Support
  • Quantifying AI Success
  • The Value of Brand Positioning
  • Driving Leads and Sales

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